1.)What is Keewie?
2.)What games will Keewie be like?
3.)Under what license is Keewie?
4.)On what platforms will Keewie run?
5.)Alright, we know what Keewie is, but what is E&E?
6.)Will E&E be the only scenario?
7.)This sounds good, where do I download?
8.)What can I do to help?

1.)Keewie is a collaborative public effort designed to build an open source game along the lines of RTS games such as Europa Universalis, but also taking desirable concepts from many other games as well as some of our own. Keewie is a recursive acronym which stands for Keewie Exploration & Expansion World Interaction Engine

2.)Keewie will be a different game than anything currently in existance. We plan to incorporate ideas from many existing games, such as Paradox's Europa Universalis and various other strategy games in existance.

3.)Due to it's many benefits, we have agreed that the GNU General Public License was the best option.

4.)We are designing Keewie to be compatible with both Windows and Linux. However, since the source will be freely available, I expect we can see ports for other platforms, such as Mac, if there is sufficient interest.

5.)E&E will be the main scenario. This scenario represents the age of exploration and expansion when European powers began their dominance of the Earth. The timeline will be somewhere between 1400-1800. Work on E&E will begin as soon as the engine is sufficiently completed.

6.)Certainly not. There is also plans for a modern day scenario, and there is nothing preventing the addition of other scenarios, such as one representing the Roman empire, Ancient China, the Middle ages, WW2, or any other era of human history. The Keewie engine is built to be flexible enough for scenario creation of ANY era of human history. It may also be true that it could be good enough for fantasy type scenarios as well. The tools will be there for scenario editors to create what ever there imagination holds.

7.)Unfortunately there does not yet exist a full featured functioning game, but if you are brave enough you may download the source from CVS. Please be adviced that at this stage there is only "a few bones in place" of a skeleton framework, as one developer puts it. If you want to see Keewie progress more quickly, there are several things YOU can do to help.

8.)The single most important thing we need at this time are dedicated developers. If you are willing to help with coding, register over at our forum
and post your skills, or browse over to the contact info of this site and send a message to one of the project leaders. If you are like me and lack programming skills, there are several other things you can do. If you are a good graphics artist, keewie needs you. If you are a musician, keep in mind that Keewie will need in game music and sound effects. If you have scenario editing experience, stick around and help us when scenario editing begins. If you have ideas for features you would like to see in keewie, you can help us by sharing them. If you can help the project in these, or any other way, please join us on our forum and sign up to be a member of  Team Keewie. Another thing you can do to help is spread the word far and wide. The more people that know of this project, the more help we will receive, and the sooner a functioning game can be built.

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